How to remove date from blogger post

 Remove Date From Blogger Post URL:- Want to Create your Blogger Post URL like WordPress Posts URL.? If yes, then you are at the Right Place. Today, In this Post, I will share a step by step guide of How to Remove Date from Blogger Post URL. So, Be with me till the last, to know more in detail. Whenever we create a post on blogger, That will contain the published date of that Post. Below is the screenshot of the default blogger post URL. But, when you write a post on WordPress, its URL is completely different, here the date and .html will not come in the post URL. WordPress post URL looks professional as compared to the blogger default Post URL. That’s why I recommend you all, if, you have just  started a blog  on Blogger, Use this technique to Remove date from blogger post URL. This will make your Blogger Blog professional like WordPress. Learn more about, how to remove date from blogger post URL in 2022

Free Keyword Research Tools in 2022

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